Power stories

All wind stories are different, but most of them have a happy ending. The payoff of installing a wind turbine depends on several conditions, from the cost of the turbine to how the owner decides to use it. Nevertheless, according to our practice, a wind turbine typically pays off in about 7 years of use. Here are some inspiring stories of how our customers tamed the wind for their benefit.

Homeowner Liam

Liam’s family lives in a big house in the countryside. Since they’re used to harnessing the earth’s natural resources, getting a wind turbine seemed like a logical investment. The family is using up 2600 kWh of electricity per month. The rest they sell back to the grid, which is why their wind turbine fully paid off in 5 years.

Now the wind turbine is generating Liam profit, estimating that he will have earned 100,000 Euros in 20 years.

Sandra & Jonah

Sandra & Jonah run a commercial farm, raising thousands of sheep each year. Having been in the business for decades, they know how fast the technology keeps changing.

Along with upgrading the farming machinery, Sandra & Jonah also applied for an energy subsidy of 60,000 Euros, which covered the full cost of the wind turbine. The new power source is helping their farm stay profitable and, they say, it even makes less noise than the bleating sheep do. They’re now planning to apply for an ecological farming certification.

Soy candle manufacturers

This company of almost 80 people are proud to say they’re on the journey to becoming a sustainable company. Determined to take control of their electricity, they invested in a wind turbine.

Powering their property with wind turbine-generated electricity resulted in their investment paying off in just 5 years. Now they sell the power back to the grid, which provides an additional source of income. Helping to fight the climate change pays off!